Thinking on Thursdays

I just saw a preview for a show called 'Catch It, Keep It', where they drop fun things like plasma screen TVs from a TALL crane and if the contestants can build a contraption to catch it, they get to keep it. That's a weird idea for a show.

James' apartment smelled like oranges. He also explained the Bridge of Sighs to me.

Lesley got these cheesecake ice cream bites, they're delicious and I'm addicted to them.

I've not eaten a single carrot since I made my list, but I did have Oklahoma Joe's on was DELICIOUS. Chicken Z-Man is GENIUS!

Food consumes more of my thoughts than anything else.

I'm still thinking about those cheesecake bites.

I hate ALL caveman commercials, the Capital One and 'So easy a caveman can do it Insurance' are among my most hated. I was so pissed that those cavemen insurance guys got a TV show, I almost boycotted ABC. Lucky for them, I absolutely CANNOT boycott Dancing with the Stars. I wish Julianne would be my best friend. I also wish I looked like her. If I could only pick one, I would pick looks, I have enough friends.

I MOSTLY wish Stacy would have her baby. Today we discussed the invention of a pregnancy massage table with the middle cut out for the belly. Patent is pending.

My hair looks like a lopsided butt:

My face naturally falls into this grumpy expression. Kumma used to just IM me two words: 'Grumpy Face'.


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