My Oklahoma "Family"

In my world, you do something 3 times, it's a tradition. 2011 marks the beginning of my family new year tradition: Over the years some have flown the Oklahoma nest, others have returned, but our friendship remains...

OU Fans by coercion

Everyone always comes home for the holidays

Wearing orange for the matrimonial union of 2 family members

I love these travel pals

These 5 people hold a special place in my heart; they have seen me through my ups and downs over the years, and I look forward to welcoming many more new years full of love! I will never give up on our dream of raising our children together on a cul-de-sac and annual vacations to high-top island! I love each and every one of you weirdos and wouldn't trade our family for anything!! Thank you for the memories. Happy New Year!!


  1. Dear Ms. Jeffries,

    It has come to our attention that your are in direct violation of Family Member Services' most basic statute. As a reminder, the group formally known as "Family" is now known as "Just Friends." While we believe your motive was pure and your intent delightful, we must request that you cease and desist from all future like behavior immediately.

    Thank you and happy new year,


  2. FMS is still on our tails?! How do they find us?!

  3. I vote to evict FMS from High Top Island


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