25 year old acts like a 3 year old

Today I could not describe myself as patient...I got frustrated with just about everyone I've talked to, and if they weren't frustrating me, I was venting at them about my frustrations. Also, I tried to load my CPA study stuff on my computer and now it is unusable. Oh well, one day closer to sitting on a beach in Hawaii with wonderful friends! Also, I recruited 4 fans for my softball game tonight, so today's not a total loss. Nate thinks the obnoxious laugh is the best thing to happen in 2009, I think this blog is.


  1. LOL

    Megan this blog is so funny! I love it and love the idea! I had no idea you were as funny in writing as you are in person!

    Though the blog is amazing and i cant wait to follow it, the laugh still wins...for now!



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