Being Britney

I should've made a 26 Things NOT to do Before 26 list, so I could've included traffic tickets. I got a warning for 'Disregard(ing) Traffic Sign/Signal', driving with an expired license and insurance. It's so L.A. to drive without a valid license, just ask Li-Lo and Brit Brit. Luckily Officer Friendly just gave me a warning for the Disregard and Expired License and I all I have to do is take my new insurance card up to the court house and they will erase the Expired Insurance ticket. Adding to the flashing red light drama, Amy's beer bottle showed itself again at the most inconvenient time. As Lesley was digging through my glove compartment in search of my new insurance card, there it was, in all its Blue Moon glory. Lesley says it's mostly my fault for not throwing it away after it fell out while I was driving interns around...I still say Amy's fault. Even though Nate won't make a profile, I miss his face. Pictures are worth 1,000 words, and I think this one adequately displays his affection for me:

Now I have to go find my new insurance card...HAHAHAHA


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