Edible Brownies, Check!

I can cross one of my list! Last night I did it!! I made edible brownies. One would think making brownies from a box that are edible, is a no brainer for anyone who can read...I would refer one to the pictures of the cookies below. Baking/cooking/anything in the kitchen requiring more than adding milk to the bowl is a real challenge for me. But last night I did it!! I read all the directions carefully, measured twice, poured once, mixed thoroughly, did everything Betty Crocker told me to do, and success! As for what I've been doing wrong, I have no idea!

My fearless helper

My hardest food critic (who wishes to remain anonymous) gives the thumbs up


The completion of this item on the list (and soon the pan of brownies) makes me feel like getting the whole list knocked out will be a piece of cake (or brownie)! New CPA study stuff will be here next week, and Hawaii in 11 days!!!


  1. I'm so PROUD!!

    The easiest ones I've made, and the gooiest and best to make as cupcakes to take to work, also happen to be the healthiest. Now that you have conquered brownies, you should try the Fudge No Pudge brownie mix. YUM!


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