The Blog-stalker becomes the Blogger

I have a slight addiction to following other people's blogs, some label this casual hobby as 'stalking'. I'm not into labels. I do think 'stalking' is more acceptable if said stalker actually has a blog herself, and while I've wanted to start a blog, I couldn't think of anything interesting enough in my life that would fill a blog page. I've considered having a baby for blog material, seems to work for alot of people whose blogs I've read...but in the end decided probably not enough reason, to have a baby that is. I am 4 days into my 26th year of life and a friend of mine suggested I make a list of the 26 things I want to do before I turn 26. I love it! It also seems like good 'blog material'! As I check each 'to do' off, I will record the experience, mostly for my own enjoyment and record. So without further ado, my list:

  1. Sit on a beach and enjoy the beauty and power of the ocean (this is slightly cheating as I already have the ticket booked to Hawaii in 23 short days!)
  2. Pass the CPA Exam
  3. Mentor someone
  4. Find a mentor
  5. Volunteer and be an active member in a community service
  6. Take classes/join groups/do things until I find a hobby, a real hobby that I love doing and could serve as an answer to the question 'What would you do if you didn't have work for money'
  7. Get a puppy
  8. Pottytrain a puppy
  9. Be more involved in the lives of my family members
  10. Read 20 books considered to be 'Great American Literature
  11. Be able to describe myself as a patient person
  12. Build a savings that could sustain me for 3 months
  13. Give more money away, spend less on myself
  14. Pay off my last credit card
  15. Get the oil in my car changed when its due (as opposed to when I feel like it)
  16. Find a PCP
  17. Visit the Village of Hope in Ghana, Africa
  18. Eat less Oklahoma Joe's and more carrots - lose 30lbs
  19. Tell the people I love and need in my life that I love them and need them in my life, stop assuming they know
  20. Complete a half marathon, beat previous time
  21. Bake brownies that are edible
  22. Write a stand-up routine
  23. Cover up the blob with the original 'blob' ally
  24. Get my money's worth out of my gym membership
  25. Pray everyday for the Honduran people, learn enough Spanish to communicate better when I visit, take someone(s) I love to Honduras, so they understand why I love it so much
  26. Be as happy as I was on my 25th birthday and more prepared for 26


  1. this is my favorite blog, so glad it's not going to have pictures of a baby growing inside of you! ha.

    Oh can't wait to hear these stories. You're going to take the CPA test this year, and get a puppy?

    Can 26.5 be to visit oklahoma 5 times this year to tell your friends you love them? =)

  2. I agree with the visiting Oklahoma 5 times, maybe more, to tell your friends that you love them!


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