Either Way We're Winners

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BIEB'S PATERNITY TEST!! I've never wanted anything more than I want it to be both! That's the only way this entire situation would be better!

Why I hope he is the dad:

  • He will be on Teen Mom

  • Usher will be the Godfather

  • Just in general, what an ass he will look like for denying it the entire time and saying he's never even seen her

  • He'll have to trade in that custom Cadi CTS for something with a backseat and room for a carseat!

  • AND MOSTLY....because he'll be connected to this for the rest of his life!

Why I hope he is not the dad:

  • SHE'll be on Teen Mom

  • What an ass she'll look like for going on any and every show she can to accuse him

  • All the other dirt (true and false) that will come out about her past

  • The coverage of her trailer; Ford Taurus; and bi-weekly, minimum wage Walmart check getting taken by JB in the law suit

Ahhh! I love a good scandal. No matter which one of them ends up on Teen Mom - Ryan will still be the hottest one on the show, hands down!


  1. Did we ever find out the results to that paternity test? I haven't heard anything.


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