You Are What You Eat

Cheap and Easy! Or, according to Bakerella, ridiculously easy.

Everyone knows fruit is not dessert (even though Andrew said I'm the only one who holds this opinion as truth), but for this, I have made an exception. I hate hate hate hate fruit pies. Apple pie? Barf! Cherry pie? I'd rather eat dog mess from the yard. Strawberry rhubarb pie? Never tried it, but I don't think I should eat anything I can't spell without Google's help! But this, peach cobbler/pie/yumyum, I'll take 2! I took no pictures, because I was busy feeding a mouse cookies (the video wouldn't upload)

Bakerella's pictures are pretty accurate, except mine wasn't ruined with walnuts. I have never been known for my baking/cooking/kitchen skills. Hailey's dad actually banned me from their kitchen after I dropped and broke 3 glass kitchen dealies.

Another Pinterest success story! Evan said he loved it so much, he would allow me to make him a chocolate surprise dessert for his birthday. How did I get so lucky??

This food blog contained the phrases: 'cheap and easy'; 'dog mess from the yard'; and 'mouse cookie'. It takes real talent and commitment to be able to incorporate those phrases while bragging about being the next Emeril...but I did, I'm really the whole blogging package


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