At the Request of my Adoring Fan

This is dedicated to one Niach, it makes my heart happy to know you are moving back to within reasonable driving range of me.

My movie day 2 was not as fun as day 1. AMC - were the movie plots a surprise to you, were you unaware what the movies were about?? Ignorance is the only explanation, that makes the lineup you scheduled reasonable. Quick Compare, Move Day 1 vs. Movie Day 2:

TS3 - Fun: i.e. toys, songs, and a Barbie fashion show
Winter's Bone- Poor people in the winter

127 Hours - Inspiring
Black Swan - do swans REALLY have red eyes, was that necessary??
The Kids Are Alright - Ok, kind of depressing story about how hard marriage is, but set in SUNNY California
Inception - or as I call it, Naptime, but Mary told me it was long and boring the second time around...that nap proved to be the best decision that day

True Grit - 2 words, Jeff.Bridges. Anna, the John Wayne expert, did tell me he wears his patch on the opposite eye in the remake though, interesting tidbit.
The Social Network - Betrayal
The Fighter - 2 more words, Mark's abs. I think I gushed enough about this movie I believe
The King's Speech - I was fully prepared to cede "My Favorite" title from the Fighter to this, but that is not how it happen, but it was the best I saw of the day
The worst movie day with yesmaryramsey is still better than the best sucky day at work though, so no complaints.
A surprise visit from these two

a Yee-haw birthday party
= an oh so wonderful weekend!

Love, Rabbit


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