Retail Therapy Turned Craft Therapy

You know that old saying, when you've failed BEC a fourth time, redo your room? I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Turns out, it's a slow year for bedroom linens, the best I could find was a tablecloth. So I sewed a sheet to the back (and a couple side panels, because apparently, tables are not as wide as beds) and voila: duvet cover! Google did say this would be a 2 hour project, this estimate apparently did not account for small brains and lack of experience, I think I clocked a final time of about 6 hours....still don't have buttons because button holes are too tricky to waste 6 hours of labor over.

You can learn alot about yourself, spending 6 solitary hours in a sweatshop....for instance, sewing gives me Tourette's
This guy may be the least helpful helper in the sweatshop


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