My Eighth Amendment Right

Within the Bill of Rights, our founding fathers laid forth promises to American citizens regarding our civil rights, included in those rights is a the prohibition of "cruel and unusual punishment". Today, the AICPA recognized my eighth amendment right, and for that, I stand alongside the distinguished signors of the Constitution, in saluting them. I whole-heartedly believe my case would've held up in supreme court, that having to take BEC 5 times would, by definition, be considered cruel and unusual. As Stacy so delicately put it: "BEC is the easiest section".
Opening the emailed score in a random parking lot is a risky move, but the risk was worth it, just needed to see those 4 letters (ok, 3 with 1 repeat)!! So I'm 75% a CPA - and on the exam 75% = maybe they should round up and go ahead and give me the whole thing.


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