Random Thoughts Thursday

2 beds is the best idea ever - eat your dinner on one (the bedspread is a good napkin) and sleep crumb-free in the other

Kim might be the skinnier sister, but Kyle is for sure the cuter sister...the OC housewives might have been replaced in my heart by all those lion faced, fat upper lipped Beverly Hills Housewives

I spilled egg drop soup on my coat the other night....walking stereotype

It's 9:30 and I finished all the priorities on my 'to do' list and am in bed....NIIIIIIIIIIICE

'NIIIIIIIIICE' has become my go to for most anything

I like that song in the preview for that new Rachel McAdams movie. I love her, even though she's Canadian.

STL this weekend - to avoid clocking an 8 hour round trip between Friday - Sunday


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