Things I learned in Quincy, IL

In case you find yourself being forced against your will to travel to Quincy, IL (similar to how I am this MONTH), here are some hints you may find helpful:
  • Don't forget your coat, the week it gets cold. "The mall is lame here" in the words of the 16 year old I asked where there was a Gap.
  • Annie, the 96 year old busboy (or girl) they have working the lunch hour at Panera enjoys her job, so don't feel bad about letting her take your plate. Personally, I think she's a media whore - yeah Annie, I saw your article in the Quincy Tiimes.
  • The alarm clock in the hotel is spotty at best. 2 days it has failed me.
  • There is no such thing as 'Free Continental Breakfast' at the Holiday Inn, but you can enjoy a bowl of Fruit Loops at 'Tony's Too' for $7.50.
  • Beth Elmer's World Famous Pumpkin Bread is significantly harder to eat when you don't have a knife....or butter

I wonder what the maid thinks of me based on the state I leave my room in every morning...


  1. Can I just say that I am LOOOOVING my representation on your blog. You know how to make a girl feel special. PS - Beth's Pumkpkin Bread kicked a$$ with some butter.....oh wait I only got one little piece because Rip ate ALL of ours before I got home. Oh marriage....


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