So Much Better Than Music Videos

MTV Reality is the life...truly the American Dream! I wish Maci and Ryan would get back together and give Bentley the perfect Dirty South upbringing he deserves. I would adopt Catelynn and Tyler if I could. I love any challenge where Johnny Bananas bares his beautiful abs, but something about all that hotness hanging upside down...I don't hate it. The best deal of all: Jersey Shore. Invent words/phrases, sleep all day, wear really white tennis shoes, and sit on the bean bag chair and talk on the phone...what about that is NOT the best life ever?! Instead, I'll waste away in the great state of Illinois, watching others living the dream.


  1. I had no idea you watched teen mom. My mom and I always talk about how we wish we could adopt Catelyn and Tyler into our family too! Poor things.


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