Resolution Checkpoint

As everyone else in the world is welcoming the new year with empty promises they'll forget by Valentine's Day, I am ahead of the curve, and have my New Year (of life)'s Resolutions already written and working toward checking some of them off my list. Now seems like a good time to check the progress:

Sit on a beach and enjoy the beauty and power of the ocean (this is slightly cheating as I already have the ticket booked to Hawaii in 23 short days!)
*Check - LOVED it and counting the days down until I return (forever!)
Pass the CPA Exam
*Studying my life away, well except for New Year's weekend, and when I work late, and right now....but all the rest of my life consider it wasted away to studying! FAR and AUD scheduled for January and plans to schedule REG and BEC in February...ambitious/possibly dumbest thing I've ever done
Mentor someone
*Haven't tricked anyone into thinking I can mentor them...
Find a mentor
*Have one in mind, haven't approached her about it yet
Volunteer and be an active member in a community service
*See update for CPA - deferred until studying is done
Take classes/join groups/do things until I find a hobby, a real hobby that I love doing and could serve as an answer to the question 'What would you do if you didn't have work for money'
Get a puppy
*Half done...temporarily adopted two fluffy, adorable, teddy bear dogs
Pottytrain a puppy
*Luckily aforementioned fluffy, adorable, teddy bear dogs came potty trained...or so I'm told, still picking up poop at least 4 mornings a week
Be more involved in the lives of my family members
*Have sat through more of Gayla's dog stories since August than probably the last two years (you're welcome)
Read 20 books considered to be 'Great American Literature
*If my CPA study stuff is considered 'Great American Literature'...DONE
Be able to describe myself as a patient person
*A work in progress
Build a savings that could sustain me for 3 months
*Currently my savings MIGHT sustain me for 3 hours
Give more money away, spend less on myself
*With Christmas still fresh in my mind, I'm tempted to say check...but probably averaged over the entire year, still working
Pay off my last credit card
*Made a budget, need the cash inflow to execute said budget
Get the oil in my car changed when its due (as opposed to when I feel like it)
*EEESh - the weak point in my resolutions....
Find a PCP
*My prespective PCP asked what religion I was at the most inopportune time....the search continues
Visit the Village of Hope in Ghana, Africa
*Mailing my Visa tomorrow, gathering the courage for the shots everyday, counting down the days!! March 22 - April 1 - See you there Chels!
Eat less Oklahoma Joe's and more carrots - lose 30lbs
*Feeling like 30 might have been overambitious. Got my ace kicked at Amy's kickboxing this weekend though, by the scariest 90lbs blonde I've ever met!
Tell the people I love and need in my life that I love them and need them in my life, stop assuming they know
*Will send out a mass text when I'm through evaluating
Complete a half marathon, beat previous time
*Haven't even found a marathon let alone signed up, let's not even talk about training for it
Bake brownies that are edible
Write a stand-up routine
*Waiting for inspiration
Cover up the blob with the original 'blob' ally
*Check - blob blog to come!
Get my money's worth out of my gym membership
*Still paying, not going...
Pray everyday for the Honduran people, learn enough Spanish to communicate better when I visit, take someone(s) I love to Honduras, so they understand why I love it so much
*Continually praying for the Honduran people and the Torch Missions.
Be as happy as I was on my 25th birthday and more prepared for 26
*Ridiculously happy!

Happy 2010!!


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