1 Down...

Took Financial yesterday...I think the worst part was the anxiety before the test, the actual test (as in the computer) was not as scary as I thought it would be, the questions on the test...just as scary(ier) as I had imagined. I was also reminded of all the wonderfully supportive people in my life. On the other hand, the test administrator that checked me looked me up and down in utter digust that I would show up to take the CPA in sweatpants. Who does he think he is..."Doorman, you're just a doorman, DOORMAN, DOORMAN, you're not God!" Just because he had dress pants on to watch other people take tests, I guess he thinks everyone should show similar respect, who knows. I was annoyed. I wish they would've let me keep the picture they took of me before the test though...wowzer, it was PRETTY. I am of the opinion that if something has my picture on it, it's mine. I also wish they graded them instantly - I want to know if I'm allowed to be relieved!


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