A Richly Blessed Girl

Sometimes I can't believe how wonderfully and beautifully God has blessed me, in the most unsuspecting places. In the deep, dark hole of public accounting, this stone cold pack of weirdos was the only light. I am so thankful for each one of them. I never would've imagined they would become this special and important to me, but they have.

Engagements, Weddings, late nights at work, happy hours, bachelorette parties, long lunches to bitch about work, football games and tailgates, Tunafests, everyday IM convos and emoticons

I couldn't have survived 4 years without them to vent about shitty staff, shittier managers, and even shittier clients. These people became so much more than co-workers. I miss them all every day.

Team KC: Thank you for everything. You all were the perfect combination of freaks I needed in my transition into 'adulthood'. I ate 3 bowls of Apple Jacks for dinner tonight...so still not really an adult.


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