Cliche Post - Year in Review

The S&P closed 2011 where it began, which is so misleading about what a year it was. This year also goes down in my book as a tremendous year of change, highs, lows, and everything in between. I'm closing this year no where near where I would've predicted on 1/1/11.

2011 has taught me a lot about myself (independence, pursuing my own happiness), life (humbleness, gratefulness), and general skills (driving segways, mowing lawns).

Noteworthy events of 2011

  • Failing a couple important tests (CPA,...)

  • Celebrated weddings (Cooper/Manhoney matrimony), birthdays (Lesley's cowboy birthday,Erin's deuce deuce birthday), reunions (Just Friends Labor Day), engagements (LC's GORGEOUS new rock), new babies/adoptions (Anthony and Hosea and Baby Monier), State Fairs (THREE WORDS: RED.VELVET.FUNNELCAKE) with loved ones

  • Discovered how important and true my friends and family are

  • Revisited one the happiest places of my life

  • Gape game, it's a small gape after all

  • Loved Les Miserables (seriously borderline obsession)

  • Left my first big kid job (a miserable but familiar territory)

  • Purchased my own iPhone (a true indication of independence)

  • Served a truly providential, loving and merciful God
2011, it's been a real love-hate relationship. Thank you for everything, screw you for everything. I think the highs and lows have really been a wash, just like the S&P.


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