Sequins, Sparkles, and Spray Tans

My long-term relationship with Dancing with the Stars just gets better and better every season. I fall more hopelessly in love with every dance and my addiction gets a tighter grip. Season 13 and we're more in love than ever! I follow almost all the pros on Twitter. Two nights a week is not enough for me, I want to know them all, be best friends with them all, and lovers with some! It is the #1 reason I want to be a D-list celebrity so desperately! I also like all the fun names, my favorite to repeat {SHOUT LOUDLY and imitate the announcer} - Anna Trebunskaya. What a ginger.

Similar to the chicken and egg conundrum, I can't figure out why I love them, their beautiful face/body/moves or their hot accent

A new {yummy} sherriff in town and he is magnificent.

But my love for Maksim will always be first in my heart. The possibility of having a guaranteed uninterrupted 3 weeks of "practice" with him is the #2 and 3 reason I want to be a D-list celeb.

I re-watched his dance in the tight pants tonight...3 times. I am only human, those stripper moves, ONLY 3 rewinds was EXTREME self-control.

My dance crushes are not limited to the male side of the floor. Chelsie tweeted it was not her choice to not be on this season. How cryptic! Yep, that pathetic, I spend my time trying to decode DWTS pro tweets. And then blog about it.

I miss Edyta!

Again, not sure if it's the accent or the dancer, but I love her oh so much.

The only Mormon I want for a best friend.

I'm not really this creepy. I am however so very grateful I get to live during an age subsequent to the invention of TV and social media.


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