R.B. Ripperger, What a Dreamboat!

The biggest regret of my life is waiting 24 years to meet this fox. There are over a million reasons I love this guy, and on a recent trip to Minny, I was reminded of all of them. I miss the Rips oh so much

According to Rip, my blog and graffiti handwriting make me cool, so I present my blog tribute to Rip:

The Top 5 Reasons I <3 Rip

1. He L-O-V-E's my girl

(and we're in love)

Notorious Photo Crasher

Tu-tu-tu-tuna and the Rips

Phone background status

2. He's always my Beer Pong partner (when no one else will be)
Gooseneck! French Toast!

3. He's always a helper!

He reminds me of important things in life, when I forget them (i.e. Segway Tours)

Happy Birthday Slez!

4. He's always there to pay the cover, stand at the bar for me, and make sure I don't get lost/left behind. Like a bar guardian.

Even Psycho Suzie was impressed how fast they downed the sneaky bowl.

5. His magical gift for teaching the art of dance

The master crafter and his protege

There's no one I would rather dance with

Ryan Bailey, how I love you!


  1. I absolutely love this Tuna! Thank you for the segway pics! I almost peed my pants!


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