Snow Days...Not Just for Teachers Anymore

That's right, you hear me all you bragger teachers? The roommate and I took a snow day today...the kind of "snow day" that you work all day from your kitchen. So, maybe nothing like the snow days from my school days, because I didn't watch 1 single soap opera, or have a snowball fight with anyone (I did throw Bear into the 9 inches of snow on the deck, purely for my own entertainment), BUT it still beats a regular day at work. I didn't have to wear work clothes (i.e. pants that are uncomfortable and too tight, because I won't face facts and go up a size) or a bra for that matter; I got to listen to my music as loud as I wanted, and best of all, worked side by side with the roommate all day while watching the snow melt off the deck progressively throughout the day. To complete my snow day, I'm going to pretend like I don't have to study tonight and watch the sequel I've never seen the first installment to, and cut Jared's hair (I know, what is he thinking?!). Thank God it's {almost} Friday!


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