Marathon Month of Visitors

A month of visitors got me like:

Before I left Oklahoma, I made everyone promise to come visit us in Hawaii....and they all kept their promise, at once.

And-izzle kicked off the visitor train

Jason had been in Hawaii for less than an hour when we made him hike to this waterfall.  

Manly men, especially the one in the turquoise chevron backpack.

More hiking

It's important to dress your visitors up like locals

He loves when drunk me insists on middle-of-the-street photo shoots 

These two in Aloha shirts gives me  heart-eyed emoji feels

My week with the kids

Kauai Killaz

She's singing My Heart Will Go On at the top of her lungs.  

Adventures with this one!

Adventures with/in towel poncho

My work wife + my children friends + my twin 

This will come back to bite us in the ass.

Blissfully unaware that I'm about to make her walk on lava

Sleeping on the beach for over 2 hours on beach towels purchased from the grocery store  is not just for homeless people.  (2 4-hour round trips to the volcano in 2 days is exhausting) 

4 mile (one way) bike ride; 2 hours (one way, with a panicked meltdown halfway in) walking on sharp, uneven lava rock with 1 flashlight and 2 phones on 18% battery to step on popping lava is close to our friendship limit.  Luckily she also secretly loves the adventures I drag her into.  #trampolineclass #fatkidclub #lobbyoffice #lavawalk #bikerental 

Nothing brightens your day like finding this one drunkenly rolling around in the sand after getting day drunk alone.

This median is my photoshoot centerpiece.

I love luaus, I pretend it's for her, but it's for me.  Give me all the Mac salad! 

Olympic Butt Snorkling team.  #muddybuddies  

If there is a tourist trap group picture for sale, we will buy it!  

Last time we were on this island together, she was knocked up.  We had a lot of drinking to catch up on.

These faces make me so happy.

Trying to convince everyone to move here by showing them all Hawaii's best!

 My eyes are tired, my liver is shot, but my heart is full!  I had the best month and saying good-bye was the hardest.  I'm so lucky to have my twin here with me though!

Back to our routine!


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