The End of Funemployment

I wish no job was my job.  Spent my first 2 weeks on this island living the beach bum life and I'm really good at it!

This beach was TINY and between 2 giant houses.  Also a man was crying loudly next to me.   After I took a picture of him and his friend he gave me TWO 0:30 hugs.  Apparently anything less than 30 seconds doesn't result in transference of energy.

The view running with some juice bar running club....pretty compelling reason to  join a running club.

My feet don't want to wear work shoes anymore.

Never gets old.

Why wouldn't I believe a 14-year old who says there aren't sharks in "Shark's cove"

All the reasons I moved here in one picture

I live in Jurassic Park, but I haven't seen a dinosaur yet.

This is the view on my run in my neighborhood in Kailua.


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