The Downside of Paradise

I've found out why people maybe don't move here. It is an absolute nightmare to get a car that has been shipped from the mainland tagged and licensed here. There are 75,920,432,548 items you have to bring to the DMV to start the process. I tried to do step 1, get an inspection. It did not go well.

Firestone: "Can I get your insurance and registration?"

Me: "Here's my insurance, what do you mean registration*?"
"Registration for Hawaii."

"I can't register it with Hawaii until I have an inspection form completed, which is why I am here"

"I need something showing your car was registered and licensed in your previous state." 

"So my license plate with the registration stickers?"

"No, Oklahoma DMV should've given you a paper when you got your stickers"

"Like the personal property tax receipt?"

"No, registration papers"

"Like the title?"

"No, registration papers"

"I have no idea what registration papers you're referring to. The paper that is attached to the stickers is from the Oklahoma Tax Commission."

"They should have also sent you registration papers"

"Well I don't think I have that, should I call the Oklahoma DMV to get them?"

"No it's ok."

"You don't need them?"


"Then why did you ask for them?"

"It is easier to get the license plate and VIN number that way."

"Yeah, you're right. Looking at the license plate and VIN number on the car that will be pulled into the building and you'll be inspecting would have been MUCH harder than those 20 laps around idiot park we just did."

{*} I got a speeding ticket yesterday, and the officer kept screaming "I need your registration" at me, despite my asking for clarification on what he wanted each time. Finally he just said "never mind". WHY DID YOU ASK FOR IT THEN?!

Item 1 of 75,920,432,548 still pending.

Once I've collected the 75,920,432,548 required items, I'm supposed to go to the DMV (where I'll wait all day I'm sure), get a license plate and sticker (and HOPEFULLY something called registration), then I have to GO BACK TO FIRESTONE and get a separate "inspection" sticker.

Living my dreams....and nightmares.


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