Thunder Thoughts

Obviously the Thunder is hands down the  best looking team in the NBA.  I would go so far as to propose that we get 5-10 points at the beginning of every game depending on the severity of the uggos we are subjected to each game.  Nowitzki - automatic 15 point lead.  Also if there was a "most adorbs coach ever" award we'd clench that too.

These playoff games are not doing my blood pressure any favors!  How insane does it make a person to take a game played by a bunch of people I've never met so seriously it is affecting my physical health.  My stomach is in knots for the entire day before games...again insanity for a person who won't actually be called to play in the game.  I'm wracked with anxiety over when to buy playoffs tickets, go now, or wait and try to go to a later round?  The internal argument keeps me up at night.

I spent more time trying to figure out via google research whether MVP KD is still engaged than I spent working the other day.  After extensive research, it seems to be the general consensus that the engagement is off.  

I hate sports but I love the Thunder.


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