I Ran a Full Marathon

It took 7 and a half years, but I completed a full marathon.  The first half was in May 2007 and the second half was in November 2013.  That runner's high from the first one just lasted really long.  I'm an unconventional athlete.  

The first half vs. the second half:
In 2007 I was 22, the weather was perfect, and Nicah and I had been convinced that 13.1 miles isn't really THAT long.  Cruising on our youth, and the thought that a half marathon is a short jog, our training consisted of 10-15 minutes on the elliptical 2-3x week or leisurly jaunts around the block.  The half marathon, or as we call it house shopping, (picture us casually strolling down neighborhood streets on the route and making note of things we liked or didn't like about the houses as if we had no where to be and you don't need to see the pictures from the run) was BRUTAL...turns out 13.1 miles is actually kind of far when the furthest you've travelled by ellipitcal up to that point is 0.5 miles.  OKC Memorial Marathon planning committee really has their finger on the pulse of what runners will want after they run, free Carl's Jr. to all partcipants.  My legs just wouldn't work at the end of it as evidenced by the fact I laid on the floor of Nate's apartment like a paraplegic for 4 full hours that afternoon. 

In 2013, I got a coach, a feisty little Asian one with a running app and no patience for excuses.  We ran primarily at 6AM on a regimented and "Runner's World" approved schedule.  The few times we attempted non-early runs, it was live-action Frogger.  There was also the time I fell down...embarassing and painful - the worst combination.  My playlist included:  "Roar"; "Bad Girls"; and "We Can't Stop"...so inspiring. By far the worst part of the 2013 portion of my full marathon was the 23 degree temperature at the start line.  Best part was the giant Indian head medal we got at the end.  Turns out preparation is actually somewhat useful - the paralysis situation was much better after the second half of my full marathon.

I realized the cruelest tactic of marathons during the second half of my marathon (#reasonIwillnevercompleteafullmarathoninonerace):  the finish line being anywhere within eye/ear shot of the half way point, and full marathoners having to see it and then turn and go another 13.1 miles.  I would most definitely hop that barrier and head to the finish line.

I guess you could say, my full marathon is the most special of any full marathon since I got 2 medals.


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