Nothing Exciting

Just some stuff I've learned, thought, or discovered the last few days with which I would like to enlighten the blogosphere

  • The future of America is bright and eerily good with technology. This is the face of a 1-year old who can download apps, find YouTube videos of rapping cats, and take her own picture. Despite her savvy tech skills, she still appreciates all the fun splashing in the kitchen sink has to offer.

  • Extreme couponing is harder than TLC would have you believe.

  • Survivor + Project Runway + The Bachelor/Bachelorette + American Idol Ryan Seacrest = The Hunger Games. I'm addicted, I mean ADDICTED. Sitting-in-the-car-in-a-parking-lot-to-listen-to-the-next-line/chapter-ADDICTED. I'm also torn, I don't want them to be over, but I HAVE to know what happens next.

  • Being an aunt really is the BEST thing God ever invented! Adorable chubby cheeked Asian babies are the second best.

  • Public libraries have movies! And audio books! Soon - no one will EVER have to actually read again!! Yay - illiteracy!


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