Black and White DIM (Did it Myself)

It all started new obsession. I've been stalking craft blogs like it's my full-time job. Despite my limited abilities, my crafty mind has been inspired and is exploding with so many fun ideas!

Used to be a boring, crappy D&T corporate challenge shirt. The only thing on the t-shirt was a small Deloitte on the chest. (There was also a Special Olympics logo...which is pretty accurate of our CC performance). Messing up the instructions, I had to add a ribbon in the neck to hold it up...since I ignored the part about not cutting the shoulder seam, oops. Kins - sorry it's wrinkly, but I know you're going to look oh so adorable in it.

All over pintrest there are tutorials and pictures of DIY milk glass. I was skeptical that I would be able to find good vases to use, but after I dropped off some donations to Goodwill today, I browsed the "Housewares" section. I was surprised, I found what I was looking for, and spent $3, to get 3 vases and a votive holder (for the Mom's decorating needs).

+ $4 white gloss spray paint

= "Milk Glass"

(please note, like any good craft blog, I attempted to set up the picture, by throwing my comforter over my bed and removing the piles of laundry from view)

After spray painting vases - I was buzzing with creative ideas. My first thought was just to continue the spray painting fun times for my sweet Khloe's penguin room. Then I found some old scrap book. I hear spray painting is the fastest growing addiction in America, so I had to remind myself to know when to stop. I also found a second use for a chip clip...this use was completely intentional, not just because I spotted it under my bed when I was holding the bow on her head waiting for it to dry. I also placed the chip clip under my bed for this exact need, not because sometimes after a hard day, I enjoy Cool Ranch Dorritos and my the same time.

Another set up photo op for my craft blog.

3 posts about babies, and now one about crafts...look for me in my Volvo station wagon wearing my mom jeans.


  1. I am so impressed and delighted at your craftiness!! I have mom hair and love grocery stores, so, yeah, we're that age.


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