Consider This My Audition to the Academy

Starting 4 years ago, I began a tradition with my Yesmaryramsey, a day of junk food, her slanket, and 12 hours of Best Picture Nominees. It's the highlight of our year, and for one day (or 2) a year, this predictable Rom-Com fan pretends to be a movie snob who cares about dialogue and the symbolism of it all. This year is off to strong start with day 1 of 2 yesterday!

Toy Story 3
I like when cartoons are nominated, especially ones I like (i.e. UP in 2010 and TS3 this year...I love when the Academy takes my preferences into consideration). I love this story, I love the toys' loyalty not only to one another but to Andy. I didn't cry the first time I saw it...but on Movie Day, the emotions of it all overcame me, tears formed.

127 Hours
**Full Disclosure**I "watched" about 30-45 minutes of this from under my jacket. But the part I saw outside the veil, I enjoyed. I was impressed with the ability of James Franco to carry the entire movie alone (no offense huge rock opposite James). I think after 5 days suspended from rope in a cave, a person would look a little rougher than he did in the movie, but an inspiring story of survival and reminder not to take the seemingly non-important things in life for granted, because you never know when your arm will keep you pinned in a cave for 127 hours wishing you could redo things. Kudos Senor Franco...2 for 2 on tears.

The Kids Are Alright
The easy on the eyes break of the day: pretty people, pretty set, pretty scenery, and no suspenseful or gory/graphic scenes (forcing me to hide under the jacket). I don't really understand everyone's affection for Mark Ruffalo's performance, but I do enjoy the movie. I like the message of family and strength and security that comes from a loving family. I'm not sure what the life lesson this movie teaches, but teary eyes all the same.

True Grit
I found it MUCH easier to watch this a second time...since I knew how everything ended. I have a weird, inexplicable crush on Jeff Bridges, maybe it's the accent, maybe the tough guy appeal, but I love his voice and would not turn down a hug from him. I also adore "Mattie Ross". What a talented little girl, I cannot believe she's in the 'supporting actress' category. How is the girl in EVERY SINGLE SCENE, supporting? I liked the music a lot, it reminds me of Michelle's grandma's church at the lake, I almost started singing along: leaning on Jesus, leaning on Jesus, safe and secure from all alarm...

The Fighter
MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF THE DAY. I went again tonight with the roommate to see it, I L-O-V-E it! Love the story, love the acting, love the accents. Marky Mark's sex appeal is a little less subtle than Jeff Bridges, and as I told Nate, I now get his love for Amy Adams. I wish she would marry Mark Wahlberg in real life. This movie is like an obsession for me. I googled "Micky Ward" all morning, watched and rewatched the trailer over and over, and caught some Biography channel special about the Wahlberg brothers. I can't say enough good things about this movie, it comes out on DVD on March 15...I will pay full price for this movie, WORTH IT!
What a wordy blog...and this is only part 1. Movie Day 1 AY YI YI YI!


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