Thirsty for Thursday Blog Material

  • I sleep on a heating pad every night, and I would HIGHLY recommend it. The only downside I've discovered is the timer on it that turns it off after an hour. I was told today, it would not be a bad investment for me to take a fire safety course...apparently leaving the space heater plugged in makes you a good candidate
  • Burlesque is AMAZING and SHINY and renewed my faith and love in Cher. Also...two words: JULIANNE.HOUGH!
  • Losing my gym card is directly linked to me memorizing the house phone number
  • Yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, and as a result, I ordered a 1/2 turkey at Mr. Goodcents, thinking it was TURKEY wasn't, so I got 4 inches LESS sandwich for $0.90 MORE. I miss my college eating schedule: Monday - OTB; Chick - Fil - A Tuesday; Wednesday - KFC; Anything-Could-Happen-Thursday...those were TRULY the days
  • I plan on getting fully in the Christmas spirit this weekend - I will watch Elf, write Christmas cards, and put up my Christmas tree with a special addition from this guy:
  • I'm interested in acquiring rock climbing as a hobby. Other things I'm interested in acquiring: a job that allows me daily viewing of Jeopardy and X-Tina's Burlesque eyelashes.
  • The baby on Teen Mom last night had the same birthday as me...he also had no middle name. Welcome to the world little Leo, based on your mom's episode, she's an idiot which will probably ruin your life.
  • Is Mike Rowe married? I think he is the hottest man on TV


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