I am OBSESSED with Big Bang Theory

I have told/re-enacted this scene to multiple people, and every time, I end up DYING laughing

Amy Farrah Fowler: Next on Wikipedia's list of Slumber Activities: Truth or Dare.

Penny: Okay, it's your game, you go first.

AFF: Hang, on....I'm familiarizing myself with the rules....(pause)...seems fairly straightforward.

AFF: (Turns to Bernadette). Bernadette, truth or dare?

Bernadette: Truth!

AFF: Alright, to what temperature must you heat beef in order to kill the prion that causes bovine spongiform encephelopathy?

Bernadette: Uhm...I'm not ----

AFF: Remember --- you have to answer honestly.

Penny: No, uhm...Amy, you're supposed to ask her something personal or embarrassing.

AFF: Oh. Alright. Bernadette, what is the circumference of your areolas?

Best deal I scored on black Friday = Big Bang Theory Season 2.

Now...back to Penny and the Physicists


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