Hawaii 6-0

The amount I love these faces cannot be measured.  These are the ones I have grown up as a "grown up" with.  Our bond has strengthened, despite living in different cities and time zones, having different jobs and roommates/living arrangements.  I love each of them individually, I love us all together.      

I love spending Christmas with you, especially on a beach

My favorite thing to be is TOGETHER (especially when I have you all trapped with me in a mom van with Amy at the wheel)

(or in an über)

Young Americans having fun

Freezing in Iceland to ring in 2017; sweating in Maui to ring in 2018

When Just 4 Friends expands

Sports fans by force

4 Mic-hogs

Having these familiar faces in my new city was EVERYTHING.  Home really is where your heart is and these people are my heart.

Happy New Year!


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