Summer 2015 was my first [full] summer in my 30's and it was EPIC.  It was also really hot and sweaty, except for in my office which was a brisk 58 degrees ALL.SUMMER.LONG.  #wintersummer2015.   

Things I did:
  • starred in Aaron's "Quake it off" music video.  Viral video status pending (if Harrison ever finishes editing it)
  • 🌊🌊🌊pool time with Keisha, pool time with Nicah and Locke, quality time harassing HAJA to get a pool so I could have more pool time
  • planned a float trip and then took matters into my own hands by moving the bus from its parking spot to the cabin (along with a sign and a branch out of a tree).  I rode the whole way home with this guy shouting "HOWDY" every time he put that hat on:

  • went camping for Anna's birthday and got 7,834 bug bites
  • took a cooking class...where I watched the teacher make this

  • learned a lot through "Well Mega J" videos

  • advanced agro-science from my office.  #peachexperiment

-  set a bubble gum record

  • paid a kid $10 to park in his yard, so we could sit in the rain and wait for a canceled concert at the zoo amphitheater 

  • watched fireworks when I should've been watching my phone to guard against selfie thieves

  • couldn't get enough Normy time

  • went bridesmaid dress shopping with my favorite 2016 bride.   
  • bonded with my coworkers at OKC's biggest white trash gathering.  The intern wasn't lying when he said he could flip his partner in a two-step.

Places I went:
  • a drive in movie

  • the world's largest honky tonk with some of my favorite Asians and honorary Asian JuJu

  • KC for my brother's graduation.  He's there...that small little blur in the back 

  • beer festival and rode the Ferris wheel with Meanie

  • took Norman to KC to have a bestie reunion

  • a cruise where food was all-inclusive

  • Austin for my favorite things:  shopping, eating, and partying with undergrads

I turned 31 during my epic summer.  Norman's OFFICIAL papers list his birthday as August 6, making us twins.  Best friend twins. 

Epic Summer's ending was sadder than the ending to "Stepmom".  My loves packed the tiniest uhaul trailer and drove to Georgia.  Obviously my only option was to cry and wail and irrationally melt down...multiple time...in front of lots of people...most of whom I don't know.

Good bye epic summer!!  I'm already tired of being cold and counting down the days to summer 2016!!


  1. Pictures of Amy 2.5 (.5 because I'm cropped out of of a picture of Norman)

    Pictures of Norman 8



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