Snow Day

Today, I found out that full size and queen size sheets are actually 2 different sizes.  I almost broke my arm trying to stretch the full size sheet on my queen mattress.  I also made some real progress on The West Wing.  Jed Bartlet for a third term!  Most importantly, the mountain of clothes at the foot of my bed away finally got put away.  

Norman loves the snow - it's his crack.  He gets this crazed look in his eye and then tears across the yard.  It's like he can't stand undisturbed snow, he must stomp his furry paw in every beautiful snow drift.

Helpful hint:  Lay's Garlic Bread chips are not sufficient substitute for ACTUAL garlic bread when eating spaghetti.

There's something about being in the grocery store while under a "Winter Weather Warning", that turns people into apocalyptic survivalists who will never the inside of a grocery store again.  The shelves were bare, I was lucky to make it out of that place with milk, chips and salsa, and nutty bars.  Clearly, my survival tactics are different than most people's.


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