Aunt Megan's House

It was the best 24 hours I've had in a long time!

The day started with the most embarrassing, full-out fall in the park on our last "long" run.  Strangers were stopping and asking if I was ok, and I had to respond "I'm ok" with a quivering lip and blood dripping down my leg, so embarrassing!  I kept simultaneously asking Jen if I was bleeding a lot while screaming at her to stop looking at my leg.  

Aunt Megan and Khloe's big day started the way any big day should start:  COOKIES and CUPCAKES!

The girl is a park warrior!  2 solid hours of swinging, running around, piling sand on the end of a slide, sliding into aforementioned sand, climbing up the ladder of  the tall slide, looking down, and climbing back down (maybe Aunt Megan successfully projected her fear of Khloe falling off the tall slide onto Khloe), and just generally running wild and screaming with her brown and white puppy partner like the untamed animals that they are.

Aunt Megan is a dummy, and mixed up our movie times, so after putting a sleeping Khloe in and out and in and out of the car, she was awake and wanted dinner.  No pants and leftover cupcake - my little kindred spirit.

The first word out of that girl's mouth when she woke up in the morning:  "iPad?"  By the time I came back from letting Norman outside, she had passed back out, iPad still firmly within her grip.

Aunt Megan:  Do you want pancakes for breakfast?
Khloe:  mmmm cupcakes?

She also told me 50 more times as we walked around the grocery store looking for cupcakes - "I don't want pancakes, I want cupcakes!"

Cupcakes for just another day in my life.

I took the following picture 10 seconds before she spilled her juice and sent M&M's (breakfast side dish) flying everywhere!

As penance - I made her scrub our bathroom with her toothbrush.  She's a compliant little Cinderella.

And the funniest picture I have ever take:

She wore the same shirt for basically our entire sleepover, because changing a two-year old's shirt is stressful work, why are the head holes of the shirt not bigger?!  By the time I got the shirt on, she was sweating, I was crying, and we were both traumatized.  

That girl is 25 pounds of pure tornadic-like destruction and I love every bit of her!  


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