The Latest Twenty

The big 2-9.  It was a mediocre day (apart from 2 separate calls singing hbd and  breakfast with Jen, who claimed her love language is omelets) followed by the best night ever!   I had a delicious dinner surrounded by all my Oklahoma bestieboos.  

My little twin planned the best 29th birthday party, complete with a birthday crown, necklace, sign, and cake.  My main man Locke helped me blow out my candles.

I got 2 (2!) bird day cards!!  Bird day!!  I actually think it's physically impossible for me to say birthday, it's like a weird lisp/Tourette's where I can only pronounce it bird day.

This guy's love language is quote of the day emails, and he ate 2 cupcakes for my birthday, well really just 1, one was for himself.  Also, I received a favorable ruling in friend court of the honorable judge AJEM (pending) Silvestrio against him.  

The birthday celebration continued tonight  with AJEM(pending)S translating a menu with NO English words.  Tres queso quesadilla.

29 and doin' fine!


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