T-Minus 20 Hours

Really I'm testing out my new iPad keyboard, but since I can't think of anything blogworthy of late, I'll just rely on my fallback strength: complaining. I am roughly 20 hours out from filing the most painful 10-K I've ever endured, I seriously believe it was trying to kill me. Zach said my words in the 10-K does not mean I can call myself a published writer, no matter how poetic my related party footnote is, I disagree, and have already added it to my resume. Yelling at the auditor yesterday to leave me alone was kind of therapeutic, I must admit. I also had a great thought for an invention, not so much an invention as a big stick to keep by my desk that I could pick up and use to slam my door when anyone's shadow darkens it. I'm pretty sure my boss saw a whole new side of me, a sailor-mouthed, raging-monsterface side...you know, my best side.

Just another fabulous year in the life of a boring accountant. I was destined for mediocrity.

Tomorrow is the first, which means another month-end. As the late great Sonny Bono would say, "...And the beat goes on."


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