Norman Rockwell McDonald Hubble Jeffries

This sweet face convinced a cat-loving Amy to make him hers (AND MINE) forever, she was powerless when she looked into these sweet eyes:

We "fostered" him for a week.  When we first got him, he was so tired from being traumatized from his approximately 2 hours at the shelter.  BUT SERIOUSLY, who would turn this sweet puppy into the shelter?!  He's adorable, he's sweet and cuddly, and most importantly, HE'S POTTY TRAINED!  He would take 2 steps, and then lay back down and fall asleep, this went on for about 36 hours.


Then a whole new adventure awaited him at the vet's....more specifically awaited his balls

Drugged Puppy

I think if this accounting thing doesn't work out, I could be a puppy nurse and I think Norman would agree.  I fashioned a cone out of a towel to keep his head out of his undercarriage.  Clearly he was impressed by my innovative spirit.

Someone's emotions got away from her while talking to the Humane Society about when he would be available to be up at the adoption center.  The thought of SOMEONE ELSE taking my baby home was too much for my heart and tear ducts to bear.  Unfortunately my debilitating fear of commitment wouldn't let me sign the ownership/adoption papers for the Norm-cicle.  Amy (who FINALLY admitted she loved him last night) to the rescue! 

He is the best puppy in the whole world!  He's so sweet and cute OBVIOUSLY!  He's so funny and I love watching all his quirky, weird behavior.  I can't get caught though, or he'll quit  whatever cute thing he is doing.  I frequently watch him from the kitchen window and have to dive on the floor so I dont' get busted spying on him!

Tonight I bought him a bone, and he loves it so much!  I had to take it away from him because he wasn't cooperating when I was trying to wipe him down with his puppy deodorant wipes.  A little bit, I was nervous he might love the bone more than me.  He is currently pacing the living room, whining because there's no place to hide it from me.

The Hubble/Jeffries house is happy to welcome our sweet baby boy!


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