In the Words of the Great Dr. King...

Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last. 

The AICPA has found the costume enthusiast pictured below qualified to be certified in public accounting...


The list of people to thank is miles long, and 'thanks' feels insufficient, for the love, support, patience, prayers, and encouragement everyone has provided me along this long and painful journey.  

Team KC:  Thanks for all the encouragement! 

I COULD NOT have done it without you!!  Thank you for everything!!  When I was a grouchy bitch from studying and hating my life, you didn't hold it against me; when I cried because I got a 74, you understood how devastating that was; and it is perfect that you were here, literally holding my hand when I found out I was FINISHED!!  I love you yellow monkey!!

 The people who literally drug me across the finish line, bringing me donuts, keeping me accountable, doing whatever I asked to help, and always loving and reminding me of the goal! 

Not pictured:  RICK AND GAYLA!!  I needed your loving words at every high and every low.  Your love and faith in my abilities pushed me along the entire way, more than I can tell you.  Thank you for always supporting me in whatever I've chosen in life, it is invaluable to me. 


  Cheers to FREEDOM!!!  Let the ceremonial burning of the study material commence!!


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