Things You Can Learn on a Thursday

  • Putting up flashing neon lights at the bank can trick some into thinking it's a new fast food drive thru
  • Sometimes the circumstance calls for toasting mimosas minus the orange juice at work
  • There's free parking during the Big 12 tournament, because they think you parked when you came in
  • If you start a story with 'The Waldo Rapist', some might picture this guy running around raping people:
**I do not think rape is funny - but come on, this stripey guy, that's funny
  • If you drop a Cheetoh or two on the ground in your rush to pack a lunch in the morning, Bear will still think they're good at night when he finds them on the floor

  • Nothing says guilty like a Cheetoh stuck in Bear's face fur when he's trying to pretend he didn't do anything wrong

  • The Amish have their own language and visiting them is a highly recommended day trip.

  • And the most important thing I learned all day: DON'T wear the ankle killers on days you have to walk half way across the planet (2 blocks) to go to dinner! Plan ahead! Pack the flip flops!


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