Thoughts on Thursday

  • Happy Valentine's Day!
    Lesley: The frosting is delicious, the cake leaves something to be desired
    Me: I think the cake is delicious
    The Yin to my Yang

  • Lesley saved her candy for a boy, I ate mine the second it hit the table - NO BOY is worth giving up an Andes!
  • ALOT of important business was handled at important business lunch part deuce
  • Ecstasy gives you street cred, Adderall takes it back
  • Underwear-free life is GRAND
  • Was there not a new Office tonight? Saving up for the baby episode I guess, it BETTER be worth it. Just a note, NBC, Parks and Rec is starting to replace the spot in my heart once warmed by The Office...
  • Deb, I'm flattered that you are a regular reader of this, but the pressure to entertain is great...I'm not sure I've got what it takes!
  • Valentine's Day looks like the ULTIMATE fulfillment of all my cinematic dreams, beautiful people, feel good love stories, and the master known as Gary Marshall orchestrating it all!
  • There was a shirt at Walmart tonight that said, "I love gaming" - it reminded me of our 7 hour night as gamers. A true friend bets her rent money behind her husband's back on your abilities!
  • Does Disney own E!?
  • I HATE HATE HATE the commercial for Shudder Island, it's SO scary!


  1. what? there was a new Office last night. It had Kathy Bates too! And two giant dogs. :)
    --mary d

  2. I'm so glad you posted! I know you can entertain me well because you are so stinking funny. I expect at least 2 more posts this week!


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