What's Been Going On....going on

I started studying again (getting cliche, I know), and sometimes my answers are so wrong, they're not even a choice given

The news went crazy this morning, warning the public that this would be the first snow, and it was going to be a doozy, after such a build up, mother nature had performance anxiety and did not precipate as expected

A few weeks ago I went to Lawrence and tailgated at the last KU home game, went to a KU basketball game in STL and tailgated and went to a Chiefs game

I miss Vienna in the winter, and with the rumored first snow, it feels like winter's here

I think Tiger is scum

I've been going to the library to study and found it is also the hangout spot for KC's homeless, I think that's genius

I tried to explain the library and Tango and she asked me if I was sure I wasn't at Barnes and Noble....as if I might not know the difference (she knows me well)


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