Walmart Lessons

As a red-blooded American, Wal-Mart trips are a deep-rooted tradition in my life. Wal-Mart is continually rolling back prices, helping me live better, and as I reflect I realize, teaching me lessons.

Lesson #1: Eating Cookie Dough and watching DWTS sounds like a MUCH better idea while standing on the cookie dough aisle than it actually turns out to be in practice. Also, not as good of an idea the next day when my 'comfortable' pants are UN-comfortably tight.

Lesson #2: The donuts available at 8:00pm are not as good as you remember them. Also, the judging looks from the cashier when paying for a half-eaten donut, are NOT appreciated.

Lesson #3: I ALWAYS need something from Wal-Mart. No such thing as a 'quick-run-right-in-and-grab-one-thing' trip when I go.

Lesson #4: is a good way to take a 'thinking break' while at work (for people who do that, because I am not one of them) AND bonus self-esteem booster.

Sam Walton, I thank you!


  1. Looove that site. You've given me something to do all morning.


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