Post-Hawaii Depression

Since I've been back from vacation I've been feeling 'slumpy'. Nate and Andrew called me slumpy and it pissed me off, but probably it's pretty accurate of my feelings lately. I fall into the trap of thinking life by a beach is so much better than life here in the middle because my whole life has been spent living here in the middle. Life on a coast probably is the same, I just don't know because the only 'life on a coast' I know is a vacation, and who doesn't love vacations?! But I have to remind myself that the realities of life, even when being lived by a beach, still exist. I have a great life here, and I'm trying to remind myself not to take my charmed life for granted.

Pros to life in the middle:
  • Affordable living - I can afford to have a pretty comfortable life here and still be able to go on trips to other places

  • Middle ground - No place in the U.S. is more than a 3 hour direct flight away

  • Family and friends - My life is rich with the people I'm blessed to have here in my day-to-day life

  • Midwest lifestyle- I like split checks at dinner, driving myself places on uncrowded highways (with the exception of rush hour traffic - which still doesn't compare to traffic on I-5 in L.A. at 1pm on a random Thursday afternoon), and general public decency of smiles and 'thank yous'; whereas in some of my travels to more 'exciting' places, these points were lacking.
Life on the coast side of life is probably no greener than here, I will constantly be mindful of the wonderful life I have right here in the middle.


  1. Pros to the coast:

    Your best friend lives there.

    Diddy Riese

    Your best friend lives there.

  2. In my one year experience of living 3 minutes from Manly Beach, it is FREAKING awesome. But we do pay $350 a week for a 2 bedroom duplex. So yeah, that's a bummer. And mostly no split checks around here. So there are some compromises.


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